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Cellphone World USA – Lifetime Warranty & Return Policy

Cellphone World USA now offers a lifetime replacement policy for all of our parts with the exclusion of Batteries, Tools & Accessories. Cellphone World USA has repair locations therefore we understand the needs and the criteria for parts warranty. If you ever come across any defective part, then we will be more than happy to exchange it out for you within our given criteria.  Please refer below to our Terms & Conditions for Lifetime warranty and Return Policy

Return Policy Criteria

  • All Qualifying items with the receipt are eligible for Exchange or Refunds. If a customer prefers money back, we will be more than happy to refund the money at current sale price of the item or the purchase price(whichever is lower), also there will be a processing fee of 15%. The reason behind this is prices for parts falls every month due to new models being introduced every month.  

  • Any item returned that is in working condition without any defect will subject to a 15% restocking fee.  It is customers Responsibility to check all products before they leave the store to ensure they do not spot any physical damage, once they leave the premises, any physical damage to the product will be considered customers responsibility.  Customers should inform any shipment that has missing or damaged products within 3 days of delivery, anything thereafter will not be considered for warranty or exchange

  • We will warranty the product for lifetime as long as you are a customer of Cellphone World USA and are buying from us with the similar volume within last 60 days.  If not then we will consider the warranty for that particular part for only 60 days. 

  • Customer is responsible for shipping expense at all times.  We will not be responsible for return shipping. 

  • Any item that is not carried by Cellphone World USA is not eligible for refunds if the purchase time is greater than 60 days. 

  • If you damage a part which is defective while pulling it out from a customers phone or a tablet, then we will not honor the warranty or return.  NO Exchange or refund will be given for damaged product, that includes the Flex Cable, Screen or any visible form of damage. 

  • All Batteries, Tools & Accessories are not eligible for exchange or refunds. 

  • If you are installing a iPad Screen or LCD, we will highly advice that you test the part before you install, any Digitizer that has missing tape or seals will subject to a 40% restocking fee

  • Cellphone World USA will not cross ship any products. In order to cross ship , customer will have to purchase a new product with a new order, and ship out the defective product for RMA processing.  Both Steps will be handled separately 


Cellphone World USA reserves the right to alter ond change our return policy at any time. Any customer who is seen abusing the return policy will be enforced with stricter policy 


Cellphone World USA Refund/Exchange & Warranty policies are subject to change at any time, and no warning or notice is necessary.