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No device is impervious to damage, and parts can start to sound pricey if you buy them one-by-one. We have all seen phones dropped from just a few feet only to crack right down the middle, rendering them inoperable. Your customers know this: there are a million different catastrophes that could strike each device at any moment. When that happens, we are there to help, providing wholesale offers on parts and supplying more than 2,000 stores with their regular inventory. At Cellphone World USA, we are here to ensure that you have access to the parts that you need to stay in business and keep all your customers happy.

Based in the USA for the last ten years, we have made it our goal to provide top-quality repair parts at prices that you can afford, in addition to making our knowledge and expertise available to you whenever you need it. We are available via e-mail, phone, or our website, so however you prefer to chat, you know that you can get into contact of us and get answers to the questions that are pressing you most.

Parts don’t need to cost a fortune. We can help!

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E-Mail: Support@cellphoneworldusa.com

Tel: 404-547-8786

Address: 5226 Highway 78

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